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KON is one of the good international brands in sanitary ware and hardware areas, and its business covers throughout the world. For a long time, KON has been a designated brand for most of Chinese government's important international venues. It can be found in most luxury constructions. KON is by favor of senior offices, star hotels, high-end restaurants and other high-end buildings for a long time. In this industry field, we have a group of exalted faithful partners in the world. They are 5 stars hotels of Starwood Group, Accor Group, Four Seasons Hotel Group, Forte Hotel Group, The Peninsula Hotel Group, Best Western International Inc, Club Med Kempinski Group, Jinjiang Group, etc.

We are always the creator of standard in industry for a long time. In KON, You will find many specialists who listen and comprehend your business requirements. We have developed a series of advanced-skilled and multiplex sanitary components and professional solutions. And we get supports from our well-known outstanding product designs and manufacturing processes.

Today, KON can provide you with timely services, product satisfactions, or beyond your requirements. Certainly your requirements are not only these, therefore we can also provide you with vendor managed inventory, emergency distribution, training, CAD technical drawing, technical support, etc. Combining to get solutions from our local professional staffs, it can reduce the total cost with no compromise.

Nomona is an excellent company providing high-quality products and advanced technical support. It has many manufacturing plants and R & D centers around the world. For a long time, these factories and technology R & D centers have been providing professional services for the world's top brands.

Nomona has made outstanding creative contributions to the research and development of bathroom and kitchen space devices. And the growing number of engineers and scientists is also the core driving force to promote the development of Nomona.

In recent years, the Internet-based online and mobile business platforms for brands and retailers have developed rapidly. KON international takes the opportunity to launch Nomona, a brand based on Internet and big data, which is dedicated to serving consumers who are increasingly seeking higher quality products and ultimate shopping experience.

KON international, founded by Mr. Fang in 2002 in Shanghai, China, is an enterprise (Investment Group) with the mission of improving and improving the quality of life of people's indoor space.

KON International has a good understanding of the reasonable layout (design) of indoor space, the research and application of new decoration materials, the use of environment-friendly equipment and technology such as air freshness, energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the durable and convenient (cloud Intelligence) control and many other factors ,which are as the important prerequisites to ensure and meet the good quality of life in the future. To solve such problems is KON international responsibility,we create and improve according to different segment needs, and serve different professional markets with different brands. They are KON, Kohose, Kavale, Nomona and so on.

KON international has been making unremitting efforts to improve and improve the quality of life of people's indoor space!

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